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Brownsville, Pennsylvania This keeps Brownsville at the nexus of the transportation infrastructure which grew up during its history.

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Feeling his arms contract and expand around me as I unloaded.

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Then I was mewling, trembling in his arms.

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He waited patiently until I held out my hand.

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You paid for that hotel room, didn't you?" I started to nod my head when Chris pinched my side, making me yelp and jerk against him.

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Find a place of my own where I don't have to deal with roommates.

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Then this summer, I started filling in for the morning aerobics classes when the instructor was out sick or on vacation.

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"I know all about not having the money to do the things I really want.

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" He kissed my head again.

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He wasted no time flipping me onto my stomach, still holding my arms above my head.

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Driving me further on.

Bringing Christmas every year instead of stealing it.

" Jolie let go of my hand.

And Jolie none the wiser.

Fragile at the core but with a tough outer shell.

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